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A Voice in the Dark

In AD 2101 war was beginning. What happen? Someone set up us the bomb! We get signal. What? Main screen turn on. It's you. How are you gentlemen!! All your base are belong to us!! You are on the way to destruction. What you say? You have no chance to survive. Make your time. HA HA HA HA.... Take off every 'Zig' You know what you doing! Move 'Zig' For great justice.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Why attack Iraq?

Oleg Dulin asks what made Iraq unique enough to be attacked, presuming that it was the regime that made Iraq worthy of attack.

I believe the regime was merely a single factor in a very complicated equation.

We needed to establish a bastion of democracy in the middle east, a friendly area in the heart of terrorist country, where we could rely on known allies to help us reinstate the intelligence presence Clinton gutted when he didn't understand the need for it. (I do not blame Clinton for this. I blame Clinton's advisors for doing such a bad job of explaining it.)

And that meant one of the governments currently in power had to go.

This is not a nice, friendly, happy thing to do. It is a sad fact that to install a government, you must find a country with no government -- which means you either annex land as a new country, or you chop the head off a snake. There are a lot of factors which come into play here, because you have an agenda that must be completed. And without going into too much detail, I'll summarise with this:

Iraq presented us with the best chance of completing the job. It's not an easy job, and the very nature of the job requires that we don't tell the American people what we're really doing. You have to have a certain amount of faith and trust in the nation, that they will do the Right Thing. And I think if you say "choose a mideast government to eliminate", Iraq was the right one to choose.


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