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A Voice in the Dark

In AD 2101 war was beginning. What happen? Someone set up us the bomb! We get signal. What? Main screen turn on. It's you. How are you gentlemen!! All your base are belong to us!! You are on the way to destruction. What you say? You have no chance to survive. Make your time. HA HA HA HA.... Take off every 'Zig' You know what you doing! Move 'Zig' For great justice.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


If a blogger with no readers stops blogging for almost two weeks, does anyone care?

In other news, last night I read "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". It ends in a cliff-hanger. I think that sucks. Now I have to wait until book seven, when I'll have forgotten everything I just read.

It is pretty neat, however, that the jargon and history can fly really thick by this point in the series... and I never felt lost or confused. It's amusing to think that just a few years ago, I would have found some of the paragraphs in the latest HP book to be essentially gibberish, and now I consider the talk of bludgers and Gringott's and Hogsmeade completely natural and normal. I've somehow gained enough familiarity with the Harry Potter universe to feel completely comfortable with references to obscure events and items, which is... well, as I said, pretty neat.


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