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A Voice in the Dark

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Left-leaning professors

Jim Lindgren has posted about intellectual diversity at Volokh Conspiracy. I was about to comment on the thread, but decided to blog instead.

I think whenever you have a group of people that is defined primarily by the choices they have made and the priorities they have assigned, you're going to observe a certain homogeneity of ideology, and the group will inevitably be further homogenised by proximity and intellectual cross-pollination.

(Holy crap, what a sentence.)

So no matter whom you hire, they're eventually going to be remarkably similar in political ideology, and if they're the sort of people who have strong opinions... like, say, professors... you end up with a significant bias. When these are people who value knowledge over material wealth, that bias is almost certainly to the left, and vice-versa.

So a left-leaning faculty is pretty much par for the course at any university, much as a right-leaning board is par for the course at any corporation.

In other news, I won the Outside The Beltway caption contest again. This is becoming a habit. It's probably what I'm doing to procrastinate about resurrecting Crap Comix.


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